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The Unemployed Need Not Apply

In the midst of our economic downturn when millions of Americans are unemployed or under-employed and struggling to make ends meet or to at least keep their families fed and clothed you would think that is because there are no jobs available.

It used to be that when someone was out of work the standard line was “I’m not willing to take a pay-cut”, and unsympathetic listeners would reply ‘You don’t really need a job then”.

Well, that may not be the case. In some situations companies have been accused of advertising that the unemployed need not apply for the open positions, responding to any applicants that do apply who are or have been unemployed for a substantial time that the gap in active employment poses a problem.

Companies known for being the go-to source for applying for an open position like and have recently been sited for running positions available ads for these employers looking to screen out anyone who is unemployed.

This shameful practice is of course the advertiser doing the dirty work, not the website listing the positions. can’t actively micro-manage every company who lists on its website can it? (Craigslist organizers might disagree however) but one recent petition started by an unemployed woman from Colorado is squarely directed at these sites with hopes to at least enlighten the public about this deplorable practice and to these companies to the tremendous harm they are doing to our collective situation.

Any company that doesn’t actively look at the entire pool of qualified applicants may be selling themselves and us down the river.

From a companies perspective it may simply boil down to the skill set of the applicants. They also might be assuming that they were the ones other companies let go 'first', i.e they are the undesirable.

Siemens reportedly has over 3400 jobs here in the U.S. that they are unable to fill with only 10% of the applicants they have vetted having the mathematical and mechanical aptitude to even begin to train for the open positions.


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by Staff Writer / Nick J. West (August 18th, 2011)
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The Unemployed Need Not Apply

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