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Day Trips: a Hot Springs Oasis in Gandy, Utah

Located in the extreme northwestern corner of Millard County 35 miles southwest of Fish Springs in our western most part of Utah sits a small town called Gandy.

I'm guessing that you likely haven't been to Gandy, nor would you think you would have any reason to go to or even through Gandy.

Let me tell you how wrong you would be. You see, Gandy is home to an Oasis in the desert with a naturally cavern fed hot spring of crystal clear blue water that is a perfect 82 degrees year round. A pool of clear mineral rich water is made for soaking as well as creek beds of varying water depths for the kids to splash in make it a perfect day trip for the entire family.

Gandy is approximately 196-253 miles from Salt Lake City, depending on the route you choose and sits only 3 miles from the Nevada border. Head west to Tooele and Dugway for the scenic route, enter the Pony Express Trail and drive around beautiful Fish Springs towards Callao, Utah and then turning south passing Trout Creek to Gandy.

Caution: Gandy is very remote, what you don't haul in yourself won't be available at a nearby store, or nearby anything for that matter. Take plenty of water, some food and emergency supplies and make sure that someone knows the route you plan to take. Also, turn off your phone to save the battery.

The back part of the Stansbury Mountain Range is home to the Pony Express Route, Fish Springs and plenty of dirt roads going in all directions. It's easy to get lost so don't misjudge your turn offs and maintain a slow steady speed.

Gandy itself is a quiet community with a few residents scattered about the area, mostly agriculture and small family farms.

The springs, located just north of 'town' on a road heading west about 1 mile are easy to spot, they literally are an oasis of green lush vegetation sprouting out of the otherwise barren land.

Nearby Crystal Ball Cave is on the northern slope of Gandy Mountain. Tours are by reservation only: contact Jerald or Marlene Bates at 435-693-3145.

Unimproved camping is available and you can expect other campers during spring and early fall months. Be sure to haul out more than you brought in to account for the imbeciles who littered before you. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes, even when venturing into the pool water in-case there are small pieces of glass.

We hope you enjoyed this first part in our new series 'Day Trips'. Watch for a future installment soon.


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by Staff Writer / Nick J. West (June 3rd, 2011)
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Day Trips: a Hot Springs Oasis in Gandy, Utah

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