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Downtown Farmers Market Get Your Garlic On

The Salt Lake City Downtown Farmers Market has just two-weekends left in its run before ending its very successful 19th season. The market is bountiful and ripe with plenty of fall vegetables that make great cold-storage items, along with plenty of local and delicious apples, pears and even locally grown nuts. Pick up some squash or pumpkin for those fall dishes coming up in the next couple months.

With neighborhood and community Farmers Market popping up valley wide this year you have had no-excuse to have not purchased locally. Even if you canít make it to a market each week many larger grocers in Salt Lake now carry locally grown items whenever possible. Look for locally grown or Utahís Ownģ signage in your store. If you donít see it, ask your store manager what they carry from locally grown and locally manufactured items.

For those growing your own gardens itís time to get your garlic bulbs in the ground this week. Growing garlic couldnít be easier and itís ready to harvest in late July the following year with no fuss.

Start by planting your garlic segments from organic garlic bulb stock you purchased at the Farmers Market. Plant each bulb section 6-8 inches apart in rows about 2 inches deep in finely worked soil that gets full-sun. Water heavily and let be until spring. Garlic will pop up this season about an inch or so this fall and then go dormant till spring.

Garlic is usually one of the early risers beginning to grow mid April. Come late July carefully pull up your crop and you have months of fresh garlic at your disposal. Ideally it is best to let garlic cure after harvest about 1-2 months before using for best flavor. Use any bruised bulbs or peel and cover with olive oil.


Downtown Farmers Market
Saturdays 7am-2pm @ Pioneer Park
Last two dates: 10/15/2011 and 10/22/2011

350 S. 300 W.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

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by Staff Writer / Nick J. West (October 14th, 2011)
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Downtown Farmers Market Get Your Garlic On

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