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What is there if not for hope?

Hope. People hear about it a lot nowadays. Hope seems to be the US government’s mantra. Economists hope the worst is over. Federal Reserve chairman hopes the recovery can be sustained. President hopes unemployment numbers will reduce in the near future. Hope.

Hope works really well in church. But it has no place in government or economic studies. Economics is a very narrow discipline that uses facts and figures to make assessments and issue forecasts. I’ve never seen an index on hope being a factor in the formula calculating economic realities.

Government hopes the recession will end in the next two years. This is the same government that stated, unequivocally, the recession ended in June of 2009. So what is it? Is the recession over or not? This should be a strictly scientific and financial reality, not a topic that is subject to the infusion of hope. Either it is or is not … no hope factor.

What do we learn from hope? Hope is a desperation emotion. When things get really desperate, we go into hope mode. Hope needs to be replaced by another four-letter word … F-A-C-T.
If Americans don’t really know, understand, comprehend or determine scientifically what the facts of the economy are, then they should become educated so that they can reach decisions on important issues they face every single day.

Politicians and government bureaucrats are afraid of facts. They would rather deceive and play games with information than fulfill their responsibilities to the Americans who placed them in power and pay their paychecks.

They use words like “hope” and “encouraged” and “possible” as though they have the same meaning as the word “fact”. They don’t. They never will. They aren’t intended to replace the word “fact”. And yet, in almost every piece of economic information disseminated by the government, the facts are glossed over with the words of hope, encouragement, and possibility.

How can anyone make any kind of accurate decision when the facts are being withheld from them? Don’t taxpayers deserve to know the facts? Haven’t taxpayers paid through the nose, to know the facts? Haven’t good men and women died so we can have a government that reports the facts to its constituents so they can deal with issues confronting their nation? Apparently not.
The worst kind of deception is self-deception. The second-worst kind of deception is manipulation. The third-worst kind of deception is misinformation.

A government that is beholding to its people for its own presence, power and authority has no right to deceive the people who empower it. In fact, quite the opposite is true. A government that purports to be representative of the people it governs can never afford to provide anything but the facts to its people or it is not a truly sanctioned and authorized government. It is a government of lies and deceit, of misinformation and disinformation, kept in power by the very lies it relies on to continue to retain power.

This is fundamentally wrong and should never be tolerated by any truly free people. And yet, Americans seem to tolerate exactly this type of government.

Why? Because everyone hopes it will change for the better. Everyone hopes the problems will go away or solve themselves because they seem so complex and difficult to understand, at least by the way the government explains them, average citizens have to rely on their government to solve the problems. Bad idea. Bad policy. Bad government.

The first law the new Congress should pass is a simple one. The “No lying” law. No more interpretations, spins, views or biased reports. Just tell Americans the truth. Give Americans the facts. Otherwise, there is no hope.


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by Contributing Writer / Patrick Ritter (Januray 15th, 2011)
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