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Healthcare Reform is Coming?

Healthcare reform was a keypoint in the Obama campaign. President Obama introduced his healthcare reform demand early this Summer.

His miserable failure to elaborate on his specific plan allowed the opposition through mouthpieces like Glenn Beck, and ill informed politicians an opportunity to damage the effort to enact a plan.

Many of them were outright lies, like death panels, some were an interpretation of the proposal based on failed efforts, or inadequate efforts in past legislation efforts.

The fact that we need a public option is overwhelming, and a majority of U.S. citizens want some sort of public option.

What the right wing continues to miss in their opposition to a public plan is that we already pay for healthcare for the uninsured, healthcare that is too little, too late. Let alone the fact that emergency room visits cost more on a per patient basis than does preventative healthcare.

Rep Joe Wilsons famous "You Lie" statement during a presidential address was not only outrageous, it wasn't well thought out.

Yes, a hospital cannot turn away someone in need of emergency care, and that shouldn't change with any healthcare reform. Can you imagine a country where human dignity takes a back seat to fiscal policy?

What President Obama said was that "undocumented citizens would not be eligible for healthcare credits".

This is something that needs to be addressed with the Internal Revenue Service, not during a Presidential address Mr. Joe Wilson.



by Staff Writer / Nick J. West
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