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Granary District efforts worthwhile and on-track

The Granary District is an urban neighborhood near downtown Salt Lake City located directly south of the 600 south I-15 freeway exit(s). Roughly the area from 600 South at 600 West, eastward to West Temple Street and south to 900 South and back westward to the freeway.

The area was once the heart of railroad district but as Salt Lake City grew over the past few decades, the railroads and larger industry moved further west and north leaving large tracts of derelict warehouses and small workshops in its remaining cracks.

Community organizers held a round-table discussion last Wednesday November 2nd with interested business owners and community members who also share their desire to carve out their own neighborhood identity before a developer does and builds something that the community doesnít see in their vision of the area.

One of the founding organizers James Alfandre described the area in an introduction statement as gritty, diverse and bohemian yet wanting it to also become walkable, green and vibrant.

If you really stop and look around the area you quickly begin to see the beginnings of a real-neighborhood. Urban homesteads mixed with artistís studios, silversmiths, foundries, auto body repair and machine shops co-existing with a few restaurants and wholesale operations.

A potential future streetcar may run along a 400 west or 500 west alignment in the next decade connecting the area with the future 9Line and with the Intermodal Hub. How developers utilize the vacant land is of great concern to local residents and business owners who hope their vision building now will secure the neighborhood they call home against unwelcome development styles.

Organizers hope to utilize a crowd sourcing method to attract like minded businesses as is shown in this short video here. Some businesses who might find a home in this area could be non-profits and community service organizations, maybe the future Wasatch Co-Op Market along with more restaurants, art galleries, studios and of course more urban households for new residents to call home.


Visit the organizers page here for more information and be sure to like their Facebook page here to be updated as the neighborhood efforts progress.

+Nick J. West

by Staff Writer / Nick J. West (November 5th, 2011)
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Granary District efforts worthwhile and on-track

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