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South Salt Lake Police Respond to David Bell's Accusations

SOUTH SALT LAKE -- The South Salt Lake Police Department responded on Wednesday to David Bellís accusations that they did not properly investigate the crime scene after the words pedophile and fagot were brandied about by the Latu family.

The response comes after a man who was acquitted last week of kidnapping has threatened to sue the police department. The police department says it felt the need to speak out against these allegations. Administrators believe the department's reputation is being tarnished by lies.

"I can assure you that it was thoroughly investigated. A lot of man hours went into this. A lot of work went into it." says South Salt Lake police Officer Gary Keller. He also says he doesn't believe their best evidence was used in court. "Defense attorneys do what they're paid to do; they're paid to defend their client," Keller adds. "It's very irritating that she'd make a comment like that. I mean, it's very unprofessional, and that's all I can say.

David James Bell was acquitted last week on kidnapping charges resulting from a Fourth of July incident in 2008. He spoke out on Monday with his defense lawyers, offering his version of the story.

Bell's neighbors claimed that he took their children from their home during a party. Bell refuted that statement Monday and went into more detail about the subsequent beating that he took from Latu family members.

At Monday's press conference, Bell announced that he would be suing certain members of the Latu family and possibly the South Salt Lake Police Department. The Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office is still looking into possible criminal charges against Bell's attackers.



by Staff Writer / Nick J. West (October 7th, 2009)
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