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'Gold Digger Bill' Gets the Axe on Capitol Hill

Eric Johnson of Utah Family Law TV & Salt Lake Free Press reports today from his facebook status 'House Bill 348 is now officially dead. The committee voted not to pass it out to the floor for debate, and in fact it was proposed and agreed by unanimous decision of the committee to review the matter because it was just felt to be too much change seeking too radical a shift in policy at this time.'

Eric was on the hill to explain to lawmakers why this bill would be a very bad idea for Utah parents and families.

The bill, HB348, is being referred to as the 'gold digger bill' by many activists and freedom fighters, as it aimed to provide additional monetary support by modifying child support laws to favor one spouse making the other spouse bear full financial burden for not only the child but for the person they divorced so the other party would not have to work again. Child support already puts a monetary amount or value on a child's head, much like a bounty, and adds fuel to an already heart-wrenching process when filing for divorce, many statistics prove over and over that violent crimes and deaths increase as well as suicide and other forms of abuse increase in custody battles or divorce when people's children are involved not to mention the damage it does to the most innocent victims of divorce, the children.

"The kids who do worst are those who endure longstanding conflict or violence. Then their physical and mental health is so damaged they essentially lose their childhood," said Steve Barron, assistant director of Family Court Services for Santa Clara County, California in an article as far back as May 5th, 1996 posted by the Chicago Tribune online.


Anyone who pays so called 'child support' knows it's really 'spousal support' already, as there is no system in place to monitor or hold accountable where or on what the money is spent, whether it's plastic surgery, a new BMW, a trip to Disney World so one parent can 'out fun' the other or lasik eye surgery that the other parent could never have afforded otherwise.

"Thank goodness this bill was killed on the house floor!" is a common sentiment many advocates in parental rights and family law are sharing on social media tonight.

Helen Smith forensic psychologist has many things to say about why Men are 'opting out' of Marriage and therefore deciding to opt out of Fatherhood as a result of current societal changes in marriage and family law.

See her YouTube clip about her book called 'Men On Strike' titled 'Six Reasons Why Men Are Avoiding Marriage, with Helen Smith, Ph.D'

If you can't watch a YouTube clip, read the Huffington Post article by the good doctor here.


Helen states that 50,000 people are in jail due to 'child support' arrears, most of them male, that in the state of Massachusetts 96 percent of all incarcerated inmates due to child support arrears are men. Helen lists other very valid and rational reasons men are just simply saying 'I don't' instead of 'I do'. This bill would have definitely increased violence due to high conflict divorce, suicide rates and more should the laws tilt more to the favor of the status quo or in favoring one gender versus the other and would have harmed not only marriage, but also families.


+Brian Godfrey

by Contributing Writer / Brian N. Godfrey (March 6th, 2014)
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'Gold Digger Bill' Gets the Axe on Capitol Hill

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